• The evolution of textiles has played a critical part in the development of sails and the industry as a whole. We are always pushing this progression whilst staying true to our ethos. Introducing cutting edge materials into our tried and tested manufacturing process means we are always meeting our customers exactly where they need us.


    For the 2023 range, we were looking for a canopy material that would be able to withstand and last in the elements. We found a perfect balance in the new NANOTEX. NANOTEX is a high tenacity polyester with the highest tensile strength and lowest elongation in all directions of the fabrics tested. Durable canopy cloth is critical for extended durability and longevity of the Wing.

  • PTEX 140

    For our ST +1 construction, we are working with one of the most cutting edge 140g materials available that offers the best balance in durability, price, and performance. We have developed specific construction techniques to ensure that we can work with the lightest textiles on the Leading Edge without compromising stability and it’s load bearing capabilities.

  • UHMWPE 100

    UHMWPE materials are 40% lighter and around 11 times stronger than conventional polyesters. This strength allows us to utilize less material and results in a stronger Leading Edge that weighs significantly less. We further aid these advantages through design techniques with the ultimate result being a more draft stable and higher performance wing.