About Ullman Windsports

In November of 1967, 21-year-old Southern California native David Ullman founded the first Ullman Sails loft in the coastal town of Corona Del Mar. Ullman Sails has a legacy of performance and innovation supported by a focus on customer service and traditional craftsmanship.

It is with this spirit that we started Ullman Windsports. We don’t conform to the norm and dare to explore beyond the horizon. We have been labelled as crazy innovators. We know we will upset the status quo, but we relish that we can share the stoke with other mavericks who share our vision and enthusiasm for the sport. However, we endeavour to commit to the craft of sail-making and textile engineering, pushing the envelope through our products. Ullman Windsports combines a strong sail-making background with passion, innovation, and a deep love of the sea..