Ullman has been making high-quality race-winning products since 1967. Ullman Windsports continues this legacy through excellence in design and manufacturing, the outstanding value that never compromises on putting customers first.


    The Osprey is the ultimate all rounder wing that is focused on versatility allowing you to make the most of any condition, no matter how you choose to ride.


    Carefully considered design is at the forefront of what we do. The Osprey combines industry-leading materials with rider focused details.

wings for the rebel spirit

We design wings for the rebel spirit.

Ullman Windsports is backed by years of expertise, a strong network of global partners, and a legacy centered on family. With considered design and technically superior materials, our wings are compact and light and allow you to harness the wind as quickly and as simply as possible.

We give you the tools to stand up, stand out, push your skills and grow the sport - rules optional.


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