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Ullman Windsports



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The Osprey is the ultimate all-rounder wing that is focused on versatility. It is a light and mobile solution ideal for entry-level riders and riders who travel. 

The design introduces our new C-GRIP handles that are positioned and sized for ultimate control and rider input. We use PTEX 140 and NANOTEX to ensure that the Osprey is industry leading in durability and weight. 

Rider comfort and performance is key and the Osprey utilises a flex wing tip that carefully balances the total flex and stiffness to allow the rider to have ultimate control when powering up or down whilst never compromising on stability. 

The Osprey allows you to make the most of any condition, no matter how you choose to ride.

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  • C-GRIP

    From beginner to expert, the

    C-GRIP handle feels perfect in every hand position for pulling off any trick.

  • Oversized strut

    The strut plays a critical part in maintaining the wing's overall shape and profile stability. The strut also connects the wing and the handles and facilitates energy transfer. We have therefore increased the diameter of the strut to utilise the geometric advantages.

  • Anti-chafe

    We make use of two types of chafing textiles. They are strategically placed and considered to be effective as well as weight saving.

  • P-TEX 140 leading edge

    We have been working for two years to bring this material to market. This is not a prototype or concept, but rather a thoroughly tested design that has been refined and improved throughout multiple generations to ensure the best user experience and best possible textiles in the leading edge.

  • NANOTEX canopy

    Long lasting, lightweight and quick drying canopy cloth to withstand and last in the elements.

  • Windows

    These windows have been placed in a way to provide maximum visibility and also have little effect on the weight of the wing.


  • OSPREY v is versatility

    The Osprey is the ultimate all-rounder wing. The design focus for the Osprey has always been versatility. The Osprey performs well across many disciplines and is ideal for entry-level riders or a rider who travels.

    Whether you want to get up on your foil, freestyle or downwind, the Osprey is the wing to have.

    The Osprey is constructed with our new carbon handles for ultimate control and rider input. The handles are carefully positioned and sized to balance every situation. Constructed using the incredibly light PTEX 140 and NANOTEX in combination with our proven manufacturing methods, it ensure that this wing is industry leading in durability and weight.

  • The flex-wing tip allows the wing to vent and twist when you power up or down, resulting in a very dynamic handling experience. The total flex and stiffness are controlled carefully to develop power when pumping, which is critical when using smaller Hydro Foils.


    The lightweight nature of the Osprey means you can get a good drift in the waves for downwind riding. The effortless drift excels in the surf.


    The Osprey offers sufficient overhead stability when tacking and the right amount of pop and carry which makes free-styling a breeze and will give you the
    potential to pull some of the best tricks.

    Gear shouldn’t define the way you ride. The Osprey will allow you to make the most of the conditions you ride in the way you want to ride.



    The evolution of textiles has played a critical part in the development of sails and the industry as a whole. We are always pushing this progression whilst staying true to our ethos. Introducing cutting edge materials into our tried and tested manufacturing process means we are always meeting our customers exactly where they need us.

    Ullman Windsports 

    Ullman has been making high
    quality race winning products
    that harness the power of the
    wind since the legendary David Ullman, started the company in California in 1967.

    Ullman Windsports respects this legacy and continues it, through
    excellence in design and manufacturing, at outstanding
    value, never compromising on
    producing products that place
    our customers first.

    Ullman Windsports 

    From beginner to expert, the C GRIP handle feels perfect in every hand position for pulling off any trick.

    Ullman Windsports