The Osprey is the ultimate all-rounder wing that is focused on versatility. It is a light and mobile solution ideal for riders who travel. The design introduces our new C-GRIP handles that are positioned and sized for ultimate control and rider input. We use PTEX 140 and NANOTEX to ensure that the Osprey is industry-leading in durability and weight. Rider comfort and performance are key and the Osprey utilizes a flex wing tip that carefully balances the total flex and stiffness to allow the rider to have ultimate control when powering up or down whilst never compromising on stability.

The Osprey allows you to make the most of any condition, no matter how you choose to ride.



For the 2024 range, we were looking for a canopy material that would be able to withstand and last in the elements. We found a perfect balance in the new NANOTEX. NANOTEX is a high-tenacity polyester with the highest tensile strength and lowest elongation in all directions of the fabrics tested. Durable canopy cloth is critical for the extended durability and longevity of the Wing.

PTEX 140


For our ST +1 construction, we are working with one of the most cutting edge 140g materials available that offers the best balance in durability, price, and performance. We have developed specific construction techniques to ensure that we can work with the lightest textiles on the Leading Edge without compromising stability and it's load bearing capabilities.


The C GRIP handle utilizes a refined diameter and carbon bar covered with an EVA grip for maximum comfort. Handles are positioned and are specifically designed for improved energy transfer no matter your level of expertise.


We are constantly pushing the development of the progression bar and the 4th generation PROGRESSION T BAR carefully considers ideal hand positions for wing manoeuvres and is suited for additional harness lines for trimming for max speed. Our PROGRESSION T BAR makes installation simple so that you can get on the water faster.